Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boo! Taking the “Scary!” Out of Outpatient Office Procedures

Halloween is just around the corner, with many people enjoying the reminders of the season – little ones picking out their costumes, putting up decorations, and carving pumpkins.  It’s all in fun, and most of us enjoy a light-hearted scare at this time of year.  However, some women are truly frightened of in office gynecological procedures that could vastly improve their quality of life.  In reality, I believe it’s more fear of the unknown than the actual procedure.

Medicine has progressed leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, even from the time I was in medical school.  This is why I am so passionate about continuing education, and through a love of teaching, imparting my knowledge on advanced gynecological medicine to other physicians all over the country.  New technologies, treatments, and discoveries happen every day, and I want to make sure I know about the ones that can help all my patients live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

Because of the progress in gynecological treatments in the last decade, procedures that used to require a hospital stay are now done in a medical office setting.  As a busy mother and wife, I understand that my patients have lives to lead, soccer practice to get to, business meetings to attend, and dance recitals to watch their kids perform.  Sometimes, our own health as women gets pushed to the back burner as we see to everyone else’s needs but our own.  Still, there may be more than just the pull of family and work obligations preventing women from seeking and scheduling a procedure that could improve the quality of their lives.  The fear of pain, recovery time, and complications lead some to just “live with” symptoms that disrupt and inconvenience their lives, like dealing with the hassle of a monthly birth control pill when a family is complete, and constant, heavy bleeding.

Here I hope to demystify a couple of common procedures and take away needless fear regarding them:

Essure Permanent Birth Control

Essure is a permanent sterilization procedure that offers no incisions, no scarring, or hormonal therapy.  There is no need for any anesthetic or actual surgery, and any discomfort (some women report none at all) is very minimal. With Essure, small micro-inserts are placed inside the fallopian tubes by way of the vagina and cervix pathways.  After the procedure, the body’s natural healing process takes over, allowing tissue in the fallopian tubes to heal over the micro-inserts, forming a barrier between sperm and egg.  After 3 months, a special x-ray test will confirm that the procedure was successful and the tubes are blocked.

For more questions and information on Essure, please visit our website:

Thermachoice Endometrial Ablation

One of the most common complaints I hear from my patients is episodes of heavy bleeding.  This potentially embarrassing condition inconveniences every aspect of a woman’s life and inhibits social interaction, an active lifestyle, and even intimacy with a partner.  With Thermachoice, there is no surgery, no downtime, and no scarring.  This very quick procedure is done in the office (average time in only 8 minutes) and no anesthetic or incisions is involved.  First, a mild sedative is given to relax the patient, and a numbing agent is applied to the uterus.  A slender, hand-held catheter is inserted into the uterus through the cervix, and applies controlled heat to destroy the lining of the uterus.  This ends the hassle of monthly periods and any need for feminine protection products.  Child bearing must be complete to consider this procedure.

For more information on Thermachoice, please click on the link below:

I hope everyone enjoys Halloween, taking their little ghouls and goblins trick-or-treating.  When it comes to your health, the only thing to be scared of is not seeking the available help you need to enhance your health and give you a happier, more balanced life.

Happy Halloween!

~Dr. Brenner & Staff

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