Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If Momma Isn't Happy, No One is Happy

Raise your glass if you are more pleasant when you are happy with your appearance. Come on, you know you are. I totally admit I will try almost anything that will make me lose five pounds or look five years younger. When I look good, I feel good and my demeanor is dramatically improved. My kids and my hubby love it when I am happy with my appearance - the kids have a fun, happy Mommy and date night is much more fun if I am feeling a little flirty.
What do you think of my crow’s feet? Oh wait, they aren’t there anymore! Botox took care of them and Juvaderm plumped up my lips. Clinical facials make my skin glow, just as it did years ago. Thanks to sclerotherapy my kids have stopped asking me if I have boo boos on my legs.
Although I am a self-proclaimed workout fanatic, working at my current practice, starting my new practice, traveling the country teaching other physicians, being a wife, mother, sister and daughter really cut into my exercise regimens. Doing the hCG diet with several close friends and my sister helped me rapidly lose excess weight while toning and sculpting my body; regular exercise and a healthier menu help me maintain. I love that there is less looking back at me in the mirror!

The women I care for are no different than me. Every woman wants to look and feel her best. It is for this reason I am so excited to offer a full range of aesthetic services at my new office. I wanted to provide a total package of care, working with my patients to keep them healthy on the inside and looking good on the outside. I believe an integral part of feeling good is looking good! Who doesn’t love new makeup and a new outfit? Permanent makeup is one of the few things available in my office that I haven’t had done yet (but you know I will soon!) I love walking into a room and having people ask who the doctor is because I don’t look old enough to be a doctor.

Now THAT makes Momma happy.