Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reviews Are In! Find Out What My Patients Love Most About My New Practice…

It’s hard to believe we have been open for over a month now.  I am amazed at how beautifully everything has come together due to my dedicated team, a lot of hard work, and meticulous planning.  It goes without saying we had a few hiccups in our journey, but I am so thankful for the realization of this new medical practice because to me, it’s all about you, my treasured patients.  

Here are some of the wonderful things people are saying about us:

  • The coziest, warmest office atmosphere.  You may not know this, but I didn’t hire some fancy decorator to come in and design the interior of my office.  I wanted all my patients to feel like they had just walked into my living room, as my honored guest, with warm colors, homey touches, and a fresh cup of hot coffee to greet them.  My office decorating, which I did with some great help from my college roommate and dear friend, was a labor of love that extends from the reception area to each exam and procedure room.  I picked out many of the pieces myself and so many patients have told me how the atmosphere alone has helped set their mind at ease.
  •  Our cuddly-soft spa robes.  My patients absolutely love them and comment about them often.
  • The most welcoming, concerned, and caring staff.  I handpicked each one of my team members and they all share my vision and commitment to creating the very best gynecological and anti-aging medical practice in Cincinnati.  To us, you are not just a patient.  You are the reason we do what we do, and every person working for me believes in our mission to providing you the best care, with compassion and understanding.
  • When you call, we answer!  We have a 2-ring answer goal that we strive to meet every day, so you can talk to a human being, not an automated attendant.
  • The most advanced solutions in women's health and youth preservation.  Continuing education is not just a responsibility for me.  I teach physicians all across the country in the latest innovations in minimally invasive gynecological surgery.  I have the most experienced and skilled staff specializing in anti-aging treatments to help you look and feel your best.  Patients love that the best in gynecological care and the best in anti-aging care can be found in one place. 
  • We care what you think!  We have survey cards at the ready for you to offer feedback about your experience.  We want to know what we are doing right, or if there is something we can improve on.
Feel free to talk to one of my staff about their professional specialty.  We welcome questions!  Whether you want to know about losing weight with pharmaceutical grade HCG, or spider vein elimination with sclerotherapy, or scientific skincare, we can answer all your questions and then some.  It’s why we are here!

We all look forward to seeing you!
~Dr. Brenner and Staff