Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a memorable Mother’s Day, spent with those who mean the most to you. I was fortunate to spend the day not only with my children, but my mother as well. I had some quiet introspective time after opening the gift my daughter Taylor made for me – after I wiped away my tears.

This was certainly not my first Mother’s Day, and it was not spent doing anything out of the ordinary, just spending time with the woman I call mom and the children who call me mom. Perhaps because of the significant changes I am making to my career path this year seemed extra special to me. I have spent much time contemplating the balance of my life recently.

My career as on Ob/Gyn is what defines me. I devoted a significant portion of my life becoming the doctor I am today. I love what I do and am proud that my continuing education keeps me on the cutting edge as a physician. Taking care of a girl from her late teens as she grows into womanhood, through pre-conceptual counseling, pregnancy, labor and delivery, eventually into menopause and beyond is such an amazing, personal bond that I treasure. There is nothing quite like helping someone become a mom. Giving up Obstetrics still pulls at my heartstrings, but helping someone become a mom isn’t limited to labor and delivery. Preparing a woman preconception, successfully overcoming her infertility and seeing the new mom with her newborn at her postpartum checkup are equally important.

I may be defined by my profession, but being Taylor, Avery and Andrew’s mom is who I am. I may change the direction of my career, but nothing will ever alter the plain, simple fact that I am and always will be their mother. Although as they enter their teens, they may try to disclaim me as a liability to their popularity, I will always, always be there. For the time being, while they are small, I am still their go-to person, their buddy and I treasure every moment. Being their mom makes it all worth it.