Saturday, March 20, 2010

what makes you wanna do this job?

Many times when I am doing a pap smear or a pelvic exam, a patient will ask me: "What made you ever want to go into this field?" Well, I thought this would be a good way to open up in my first blog. So- here's a few of the reasons why I decided to become a Obstetrician/Gynecologist

1. Bringing babies into the world is absolutely amazing!!!! There is nothing like it in the entire world and in my job, I get to be a part of it. It is such an intimate moment in a family. I love it!!!

2. I love taking care of women. I feel like I can relate- after all, I'm a woman and unfortunately- or fortunately - I've had many of the "female medical problems myself"- such as painful, heavy periods, PMS, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gestational diabetes, abnormal mammogram and a breast biopsy. More of that stuff later........

3. I enjoy the continuity of care that being an Ob/Gyn affords. It's great to take care of a woman for her yearly exams, then see her through a few pregnancies and watch her and her family develop. I love being there for her as her doctor and the lasting relationships this leads to.

4. I like to do Gyn surgery. And in womens health- it is such an exciting time to be a gyn surgeon. There are so many new surgical instruments and ways to do things to ensure my patients a better outcome and quicker recovery. I really pride myself on staying current in what's going on in the gyn surgery field.

5.Procedures are fun. Not just surgeries, but excising a painful abscess (its kinda satisfying like squeezing a big zit. Gross- I know) LEEPs, IUD insertions, polyp removals, and endometrial biopsies.

6. I love to teach. When I was a college student, I couldn't decide if I should be a high school biology teacher or a doctor. Obviously, you know what I chose. But now I get to do both. Not only do I get to inform women about all the stuff I learn to keep them healthy, but now I have started teaching other doctors. Often I have other doctors watch me do certain procedures or I go to their place and help them with their first cases. I also do speaking engagements for physicians. I am also going to get back to teaching medical students and residents (I used to do this before I had kids)

But the main reason why I just love my job- I feel that I am making a difference in women's lives..... Hopefully, with this blog, I can make an impact in yours too.

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